Housing Loan – what you know about this loan?


People can decide which loan is the most suitable for their needs. Detailed information about these loans can be found on the website.

How to Apply for Mortgage Loan?

How to Apply for Mortgage Loan?

In order to apply for housing loan, it is necessary to be a citizen. The condition required for foreign nationals is that they are domestic residents. Those who meet these conditions must obtain the required documents in order to apply. Afterwards, applications can be made by visiting the nearest branch with these documents.

Some documents are requested by the bank to make a mortgage loan application. One of these documents is a loan application form. In addition, the following documents must be delivered to the bank branch:

  • Identity card or driver’s license,
  • Document showing income,
  • Balance sheet, tax plate and trade registry newspaper of the last three years for self-employed persons,
  • The floor easement and condominium title of the house to be purchased.

Housing Loan Terms?

Housing Loan Terms?

In order to benefit from the mortgage loan offered to its customers, the documents required must be delivered to the bank branch in full. Also, being over the age of 18 is one of the basic conditions sought. Apart from these, some of the conditions sought to apply for a housing loan are as follows:

  • Low credit rating,
  • Written consent from married spouses,
  • Passing the house to be purchased as a dwelling,
  • The housing has been resettled.

Those who meet all these conditions can easily make their applications by going to the nearest branch with the required documents.

You can apply for home loan to get your own home. offers customers a maturity option of up to 120 months, which will attract mortgage loans. This is also quite a long time. It is not easy for people to predict what can happen to them during this time. However, provides credit protection insurance to its customers so that the debt is safe.

If the person withdrawing the loan with this insurance loses his life, the remaining debt is closed by the insurance company. This insurance does not only cover deaths. Permanent disability as a result of the accident is also among the coverage of the insurance.

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